Clients requesting a rendering often have questions about the process, and what they need to provide in order for a rendering to be created.  These 3 stages will explain what to expect, as well as demonstrate how the client has editing-input throughout the rendering development.  This process eliminates surprises at both ends.

STAGE 1                                       Getting Started                          

A floor plan is emailed to POV indicating desired viewpoint, furniture location, and any additional drawings that might contain helpful information i.e., reflected ceiling plan, elevations, sections, etc.  


Photocopies should also be sent of all furnishings, lighting fixtures, and accessories.  Actual material and fabric samples can be mailed or emailed during the drawing process.

STAGE 2                                         Line Drawing


A line drawing is developed at 11"x17".  It is then scanned and emailed to the client as a jpeg file for review and comments.  The email format makes it convenient for sending to multiple people for their input.  This drawing phase gives the end user the ability to approve the view, and contents of the drawing.


If there are any revisions to be made, either to content or composition, it is emailed or faxed back to POV with markups.  The revised drawing is emailed  back to the client for review, and the color phase does not begin until approval of the line drawing. There is no additional charge for revisions

STAGE 3                                          Color


Color is applied to the approved line drawing with marker, prismacolor and gouche.  The original is then scanned at 200 - 300 dpi, enhanced with a photo-editing program, and sent via email.  


Minor revisions can be made in this phase at no additional charge.  The final approved rendering can be burned to a disk and sent to the client upon request.