Jeff Curcio


For over 30 years POV has provided hand drawn renderings to a multitude of diverse clientele, and the subject matter has been equally distinctive. It has always been my goal to assist the Architectural and Design communities in their presentations with a visual aid worthy of the design itself.


While 3-D CAD has increased in popularity, I have continued to stay true to art and deliver that which is unique and individual. It is for that reason that I reach for the pen instead of the mouse. I have however, embraced the advantage that computer technology allows me to quickly send my clients sketches, keeping them involved throughout the drawing progress. Each rendering is developed with total input from the designer so as to eliminate any surprises at completion. Job satisfaction is the utmost priority with every project.


With a BS degree in Architectural Interiors, I am giving clients the added benefit of design expertise to ensure the most aesthetic and accurate visual presentation.  This is also a unique advantage over CAD renderings, especially when the assignment is conceptual in nature.  Many drawings are created with the purpose of generating enthusiasm, or obtaining initial funding.  

".......renderings are both artistic and accurate and prove to be wonderful sales tools in addition to functional drawings." 

                                        Andrea Sadur Hostetler

                                         President, ShowSites, Inc.